Friday, October 08, 2010

Galileo's Daughter

Moonlit the passenger seat,
My unconcern again resigns to
The dim-out of a frail hairpin;
The complaint if I ever listen.

The games you grew up playing
When block my view,
I single out and discover that
Breaking a nail isn’t overrated.

Till fences we watch scroll by
For their sake and for ours.
Theirs, for they disbelieve;
Ours, for we fall down as one

When in mist by your house
“Alright then” I pronounce,
A cinder past this implosion,
A star your eyelids rub out.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


The syndrome may prolong my stir
But crossing any bridge, I admit,
For you a thousand times over
Wearies me not the slightest bit.


Friday, April 02, 2010

Playing Paris

Secretly with subtle care
Stares at you a fiend
Kingdom come is near,
Orbiting where you stand.

Girl of no words or fancy,
Hush is overrated flaw
Bat your eyes I can’t savvy
In fairness I rust in awe.

Delicate swirling motion
Pours wine in my outlines,
And I drown in confession
As wordless spell twines.

Stars shimmered in blight
Till the stony sill shone,
Sprouted the ghost white
Lilies In wasteland I own.

Met lone a tedious dawn
Unaware of all you missed,
Waxen feet blessed the lawn,
Pale chest inhaled the mist.

Lit my eyes the showers,
Raindrops on silver shanks,
Healing water and its powers
Couldn't compel the intent.

Gone leaves steps pressed,
Redemption I bestowed
To misguided girl blest
On a trip to a long road.

My lips and yours met
The scent of skin and curls
Won the war, glanced at
Wharton school for deaf girls.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A circle on the beach

Here hide and seek with you I play
As tranced shanks run afoul never
If sand lit upon morning's first ray
You’d seek to remain hidden forever.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Half-hearted Heartstrings

The dying night wills a pledge,
Jinxing me to second-guess,
Eyelids foresee a telling edge,
Where all so reasons undress.

Brought along your blindness,
Sweetened with a choking black,
Sleeps between us our emptiness,
We dream all that we lack.

Stars reflect on a hellenic skin,
And crescent, in your orbs I bury,
Deciphering my diary is the sin
I commit for some bad fairy.

While your dreams melt away,
Dissolving like the last candle,
I shiver and drowse it astray,
The sketchiness I couldn’t handle.

Soon this fabled night dies,
And always plays a stalemate,
You once slept in curious eyes,
Now I but sleep in a portrait.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Pages inked of fables muse your scent,
The last rose of winter & its fairytale,
Queen to moon elves in robes swanlike,
What mighty heart did you let unbent?
Amid the cold love of dragons & pike,
Grove, hill, highland we could dwell,
Alone must the stars be if ever I wail,
‘On parting steps did I script my hell?’


Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Confessional


Father, I see why you feel unfamiliar
And don’t remember ever seeing me here.
Because there are no sins I commit,
Would you believe me? Funny, isn’t it?

Ok I copied quiz from the next seat hottie,
That’s because she was being naughty.
Her answer sheet just came in between,
While it was her cleavage that had me keen.

On his wife’s funeral he misunderstood,
Mr A overheard me telling it for his good,
That how’d he now wish to catch Parkinson,
Wobbly touch to self and job well done.

And Mrs Z was just unjust to be furious,
If on my privy tattoos her girl got curious,
Called me libertine, she crossed boundary
And left me to do but piss on her laundry.

I fell in their room like a heavenly light
Entertaining the two lezzies all night,
Jumped on trampoline, hair on forehead,
Saved them from dying virgin instead.

So Father, assure me of my innocence,
Baptize from what stains my brilliance.
Say again that I’m no culprit of apple bite,
All that happened was twist of fate, right?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Undoing

Spin me some sad story
Sell me some excuse
To help me understand the things you do.


Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lucy in Wonderland

If where this river dwells
Could afford a potent sea?
Would the acid she smells
Concede me an eternity?

Eyes once open, to the doors let me follow
Your quiet steps and let your candy woe
Be pencilled on my tongue. The undone
Fluids, adorned and bashful of the sun,
Slip underneath to do without the height
And trip us to the soils of Elysian delight.

When white flowers grow
Surreal on a cherry tree,
A flashback laves my row
To stay here, all over me.

As falls a night, garden wears dreamless,
Your tunes of clouded shadow harness
My rambling fancy by smoke downright.
And mix colours of doubts that might
Of distorted reality or impressionism art
A picture your tale airbrushed in my heart?

The last dose, the final kiss
Any split second may flee.
The rabbit-hole I failed to miss
Now misses a storm in me.

(She's better ^_-)


Monday, January 11, 2010

Will to pleasure

"If you ooze masculinity, like some of us do, you have no reason to fear pink."

~ Alfie