Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lucy in Wonderland

If where this river dwells
Could afford a potent sea?
Would the acid she smells
Concede me an eternity?

Eyes once open, to the doors let me follow
Your quiet steps and let your candy woe
Be pencilled on my tongue. The undone
Fluids, adorned and bashful of the sun,
Slip underneath to do without the height
And trip us to the soils of Elysian delight.

When white flowers grow
Surreal on a cherry tree,
A flashback laves my row
To stay here, all over me.

As falls a night, garden wears dreamless,
Your tunes of clouded shadow harness
My rambling fancy by smoke downright.
And mix colours of doubts that might
Of distorted reality or impressionism art
A picture your tale airbrushed in my heart?

The last dose, the final kiss
Any split second may flee.
The rabbit-hole I failed to miss
Now misses a storm in me.

(She's better ^_-)


Monday, January 11, 2010

Will to pleasure

"If you ooze masculinity, like some of us do, you have no reason to fear pink."

~ Alfie