Sunday, April 11, 2010


The syndrome may prolong my stir
But crossing any bridge, I admit,
For you a thousand times over
Wearies me not the slightest bit.


Friday, April 02, 2010

Playing Paris

Secretly with subtle care
Stares at you a fiend
Kingdom come is near,
Orbiting where you stand.

Girl of no words or fancy,
Hush is overrated flaw
Bat your eyes I can’t savvy
In fairness I rust in awe.

Delicate swirling motion
Pours wine in my outlines,
And I drown in confession
As wordless spell twines.

Stars shimmered in blight
Till the stony sill shone,
Sprouted the ghost white
Lilies In wasteland I own.

Met lone a tedious dawn
Unaware of all you missed,
Waxen feet blessed the lawn,
Pale chest inhaled the mist.

Lit my eyes the showers,
Raindrops on silver shanks,
Healing water and its powers
Couldn't compel the intent.

Gone leaves steps pressed,
Redemption I bestowed
To misguided girl blest
On a trip to a long road.

My lips and yours met
The scent of skin and curls
Won the war, glanced at
Wharton school for deaf girls.