Saturday, November 28, 2009

In all so seriousness

Only poets aren’t entitled to compose,
We con artists too with our two pennies
And tales as romantic as Monday mornings,
Sometimes we settle for bait than a catch.

Slight more than to what meets the eye
I always fall short to grasp my discourse,
As never do I go to bed with ugly wenches
Yet I sure have woken up with a few.

If the Crucifixion was for self-defense
I pen to bring forth a divinely comic me
So you may again get down on one knee
My two pennies on my beginner’s luck.

To land this playfulness to a sober end
I bid farewell to this joke unwitting
Unlike long ago I’d say ‘So long’ after
So long that no one would long any longer.



Shadow said...

carry on composing, ignore the rest...

Kay said...

very witty, entertainingly so...I second Shadows comment :)

Fareed said...

Zanks, ladies.

Iddy Albatross said...

Composing something like this automatically makes you a poet, man.

Tough luck. :D

Well written... cheers...

Rajlakshmi said...

very beautifully penned :D

Fareed said...


Rhiamon said...


Fareed said...


Rainchild said...

One of your best, ever. I kept reading and re reading.

Theres so much here you never post. And i can't help but wonder why.
I feel so deprived. :]
{ i make no exaggeration. I hope you dont mind a stalker from now on. Atleast on your blog? i shall be silent if you wish. }

Rainchild said...

~ Shraddha Btw.if you didnt guess.

Fareed said...

I know you Rainchild, inside out :)

But I don't think here is something which I never posted there.

Visit often and leave your marks always.

Rainchild said...

You have something called live traffic feed..scares the shit outta me :P feels like my moves are being tracked { and reminds me of how much im online.when im not supposed to be :P haha }

Fareed said...

Haha,... ehm, yeah? Is there anything like that? Can it tell me how much have I been online? Howsoever dormant?

Rainchild said...

Well yes. And its there. Specially on your page :/ ONLY ON YOUR PAGE!!> :/ oops i thought you were checking. now you shall now how horribly much i stalk..i always do this..jump into the fire without being on the frying pan in the first place :P

Anonymous said...

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