Friday, August 14, 2009

Caught Offside

He: Looking at you right now, it’s only fair to bet that the player you once were is elsewhere.

Me: Ever since I mastered controlling things around me, football fell victim to my own rigour.

He: Controlling a football is only possible on the field, not from the sills of your airy castle.

Me: A margin of preference is what left to decide the discourse of action and words, eventually.

He: You talk of preference but my halcyon heart knows better than to buy your words.


Anonymous said...

Prose may not be your medium of choice but you are not bad at it.

Fareed said...

I can open an entire Pandora's box.

Anonymous said...

That would be interesting as long as you let the hope fly too.

Hafsa E. Balouch. said...
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Fareed said...

Met this guy again today, only to hit him with my aloof grimace.